About Awaysis

Vacation Rental Management for The Modern Traveler

Awaysis is a Florida-based Vacation Rental Management company that does things differently.

We marry the beauty of vacation homes with the luxury of 5-star resort services. What does this mean? We prioritize designing every rental home of ours so that it’s truly a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether it’s installing a mini-golf course, remodeling an office to be an exact replica of Ernest Hemingway’s workspace complete with a vintage 1930s Remington typewriter, or hosting a FREE pizza party for our guest because it’s their birthday – Awaysis can do it all.

At the same time, we make sure our guest experience embodies true luxury from genuinely premium cleaning services to in-stay housekeeping, complimentary snacks and toiletries, the finest linens & towels, and so much more.

People keep saying the vacation rental market is getting competitive, and they’re not wrong. That’s because people are struggling to compete with us. We’ve cracked the code, and that’s by offering every guest happy memories and pure relaxation!


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Maximize The Potential Of Your Rental With Awaysis.

Customer Service

As a beacon of hospitality, we strive to make a difference with your vacation rentals. We provide every guest with a 5-star experience with our full concierge services, inventory re-stocking, and in-unit amenities!”

Sales and Marketing

We approach sales and marketing holistically to reach as many potential guests as possible. With 360° Marketing, we help generate increased revenue for your rental through social media marketing, targeted ads, email marketing, and so much more.


Our cleaning services are premium in the industry. We only use insured, verified and highly reviewed cleaning services that are willing to follow our 5-star cleaning process while still remaining cost efficient. Maintenance is available 24/7, reducing potential downtime and continuing to provide an amazing experience for your guests.


We leverage industry leading technologies to maximize owner revenues. Some of our favourites include dynamic pricing, integrated calendars, digital & smart locks, smart TVs, etc.

What we Offer

What You Get With Awaysis

We provide you with a seamless property rental experience from beginning to end.

Simple Onboarding

  • Onboard in days, not weeks

  • Hand-crafted listings

  • Professional Staging & Photography

  • FREE Home & Safety Inspections

Attracting Guests

  • Listings on 20+ platforms

  • Constant Marketing Adjustments

  • Digital Advertising

  • Guest Engagement

  • True Review Sourcing

Managing Details

  • Dynamic-Algorithm Driven Pricing

  • 24/7 Maintenance services

  • Cleaning Checks

  • Premium Cleaning Services

  • Pre-planned Deep Cleans

  • Annual Inspections (FREE)

  • Monthly Performance Summaries

We Are Here For You

  • Monthly P&Ls & Insights Reports

  • No Contract Commitment Required

  • Accounting, Tax, and Legal Support

  • Regular Property Inspections

  • Maintenance & Home Care

Why People Choose Awaysis

We offer the answer to managing your vacation home like it’s our own

Awaysis is the best full-service Vacation Rental Management company in the United States because we offer our owners and guests a unique experience! Unlike the leading management companies that rely almost exclusively on technology, or the local independent managers that depend almost exclusively on being on the ground, Awaysis offers the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and local management! That way, our properties experience the best of what each has to offer without succumbing to a narrow, single-minded approach!

Lowest rates & no long-term commitments!

Truly 5-star Hospitality means more money for our partners!

Individually branded OTA pages means more transparency and control!

Quality Control to the nth degree... seriously, we're talking obsessive quality control!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer all the services of a traditional vacation rental manager, but much better. Plus, we don't lump you in with dozens of unrelated rentals and pass you off as just another home managed by some random management company. We brand your home as your home, and make it a truly special destination for each and every guest!

Awaysis is putting the vacation back in vacation rental property! That’s because managing a rental property yourself is not easy. Awaysis specializes in vacation property rentals so that you can sit back and relax. Leave the hassles to us! We provide 24/7 local guest support, 24/7 maintenance services, 360° marketing, professional copywriting, photography, and more. Our proven strategies will result in increased revenue without contract commitments.

Your home is still your home! We don’t have any limitations on the number of days you can stay at your rental, and we don’t charge any fees other than a cleaning fee after the stay.

We do not require a long-term contract as our vacation rental partner.

Our exact fees vary depending on the property location, amenities, number of bedrooms, etc. However, we can guarantee we'll be offering the most competitive rate and the best ROI!

When a homeowner decides to rent their homes to vacationers, they may not understand that it means they become plumbers, housekeepers, problem-solvers, and more. They then turn to us, Awaysis. We provide a comprehensive solution to your vacation rental management needs. We begin with the marketing process, guest requests, cleaning, and maintenance, all the way through accounting and reporting. We do it all, so you don't have to.

We offer property management services anywhere within the United States and Puerto Rico. We have rentals in a number of cities, all effectively managed through a combination of technology and local management.

Yes, but not just AirBNB. We put every listing on over 20+ platforms, often including the FL MLS as well to maximize exposure.

Yes, we make sure to work within the rules and bylaws of any community association, and to consistently and effectively communicate with building management.

We participate in all major vacation rental sites such as Airbnb and VRBO. We develop a unique marketing strategy for every property. We also pay for search and social media advertising for our rentals and try to drive direct bookings.

A lot, but to name a few... smart locks, smart thermostats, smart TVs, security systems (sometimes), noise detection devices, etc. It's like MTV's pimp my ride, except for vacation homes. And when owners sign up with us, they might even be eligible to get all of this sweet technology for FREE

You can access your property through our Awaysis property owner account, accessible from your desktop or smartphone. You can perform administrative tasks such as booking your vacation, reviewing upcoming reservations, performance, and more. The information is available in real-time.

We use dynamic algorithm-driven pricing tailored specifically to Awaysis and our property owners. It updates in real-time. Our dynamic pricing software considers a variety of factors such as season, weather, location, past trends, current trends, fluctuating populations, comparable rentals and nearby hotels, and so much more.

We want your guests to have a stress-free experience, but we also want you to have a stress-free experience! This means premium cleaning services, inventory tracking and restocking (with extras), complimentary snacks & beverages (on us), cleaning checks and weekly inspections, home and safety inspections, 24/7 guest services, emergency maintenance, and so much more. Seriously, so much more. Just ask us and we'll explain rather than writing a dozen paragraphs.

Pet owners love properties that allow pets. Benefits to consider are increased revenues, repeat guests, off-season bookings, and more. Ultimately the decision is up to the property owner. Awaysis does clean the property thoroughly after the guest checks out, and we diligently remove any evidence of pets (hair, dander, prints). Guests will pay a fee to cover the additional cleaning costs.

Since the pandemic, cleaning processes have higher expectations. We use EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants, and our house cleaning staff are also trained in procedures to meet CDC guidelines for sanitizing surfaces and wearing masks and gloves. Also, every floor is steam cleaned after EVERY stay. We also have pre-scheduled deep cleans on couches and sofa chairs every quarter, carpets bi-monthly, and full homes twice a year.

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