At Awaysis, we strive to leverage the worlds most advanced technologies and combine them with some of the most driven and capable team members so that our owners can get the most out of their vacation rentals! While we use dozens of different software’s, systems, and devices to enhance the owner & guest experience, here are our TOP 5 Technologies for vacation rentals!

  1. Dynamic Pricing à Not only does it save time, but most importantly it maximizes occupancy and rental rates so that owners can earn the most from their properties!
  2. Digital Locks à Smart locks and digital locks allow guests to have a totally effortless and contactless check in experience when arriving at their rentals! Also, you no longer have to worry about lost keys or locked out guests!
  1. Noise Monitoring Devices à Noise monitoring devices are actually required by some municipalities to help prevent AirBNBs from being booked for parties. But even if your municipality doesn’t require it, it’s worth considering as it lets you monitor guests and act as deterrents to guests who may break house rules and disturb neighbors. And unlike cameras, they’re less invasive and can be placed inside the property.
  2. Smart TV à Everyone loves their favorite viewing platform! So why not give it to your guests? The easiest way to do that is to buy a Smart TV or a Roku. Now your guests can access and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Apple TV and so much more!
  1. Property Management System (PMS) à A PMS is vital for helping owners manage properties, especially across multiple platforms. A good PMS will consolidate all listings, calendars, inboxes, etc. into one place so that you can effectively list your property on more than one platform.

Interested in learning more about how Awaysis can use technology to earn your vacation rental more money? Contact us for a free consultation!